Friday, July 30, 2010

Chads surgery

Chad had a bad Wreck on his Mt. Bike and had to have surgery!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chads broken Arm

Poor chad! We went mt. biking on Friday morning and we made it all the way up the mt. then all the way down into sliding rock. At the very bottom chad was going down a very steep part of the hill and at the bottom there was a sharp turn that was all sandy. Chad was not going to fast to make the turn but the sand just made his front tire sink and he got thrown to the ground. By the time I got to him he was sitting holding his arm that was shaking really bad. I asked if it was broken and he said I think so. So we waited all day to see if the paid would subside but it did not. So we went to the doctors office and they told us that he broke the bone that holds his thumb on. the problem with that is it does not get very much blood to it, and if it does not get enough blood it will turn black and die and he will loose all movement in his thumb. So of course he is a little sad about not being able to play the guitar. We see the specialist on Thursday to see what he says. Hopefully no surgery is required.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

So today is Saturday and I usually work on Saturdays but I have recently decided to not work 6 days a week. So yesterday I went to a training camp (kinda) it was just a class I am in, and they decided to do a 1/2 Ironman. So I woke up at 4:30 am and got out to Utah lake in Provo by 5:30 We swam about 1 and 1/2 miles. Then changed out of our wet suits and off on our bikes we went. I felt great for the first 40 miles or so. I was in the lead with a buddy of mine Russ. ( Russ used to be a bike racer so i feel great biking by him.) Russ is so inspiring he is such a strong biker! Then aways after the turn around the wind picked up right to my face I had to slow down a bit and Russ left me in the dust. I then realized I had not eaten anything but a protein powder hours prior to this point NOT smart Lindsey. My stomach felt sick but I only had 20 miles left on the bike and 13.1 miles left on the run. So i sucked it up and just kept biking. I looked up after a minute of barring down and a COW was in the middle of the road I could still see Russ ahead and the cow did not seam to care that he had pasted to I thought i would be ok. And still i am a thinking oh I will be okay I grew up around cattle my hole life I will just whistle and the will back off. Ya so when I did that out came that Heifers Calf.! and that calf thought i was chasing her! so off she ran and me right behind her... after all I had to stay on the road that she was running down and I could not just stop becuase her mom was right behind me! So picture this little tinny country road two pastures on both sides with fences one little baby calf running down the middle of the road, then little old me, then BIG momma cow chasing me! ya it was hilarious... after the fact that I was safe. All that was going though my head was ok if she catches me I am clipped in. She is going to tip me over then not only trample me but ruin my brand new carbon bike in the process. Any way I got away sare and sound.
So by the time I got lost, added a couple of miles on to my bike, run a tinny bit It was too late to finish all 13.1 miles so I had to leave early to get to work by 11:00 am. I got home at 10:45am and was only 2 min. late for work. Who says girls cant get ready Fast?
Then off to work I was for a 8 1/2 hrs Day at the salon.
Then today I was out on the lawn preparing my Sunday school lesson and a mom dear with her baby walked right up to me. It was way cool. God creates such amazing things doesn't he. To see things so close up, it is just amazing.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dad brought the backhoe in to dig a whole in the creek for the kids to swim
John got a worm then licked the slime off his hand.
Mom set up lunch
Baby deer had lunch
this is the littlest baby deer I have ever seen