Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sue Tayler

Well I just learned how to get rid of my music so finally releif from Annie.
Well last week Sue Taylor passed away. It was quite a struggle for me, kinda silly since I was not family to her, but I saw her every week some times twice a week for the last couple of year! She was allways happy and so talkative. She would come it and I would ask so Sue hows the day to day? Oh good. What do you have going on today Sue? she would reaply differantly depending on the day but allways positive!~ She would remeber big things in my life and truely cared for me as a person. (She saw people!) In the salon we HATE when people "no show" on their appointemnts but sue could sometimes make two appt. in one day and still miss both of them then show up and hr late for the third. :) but we would never let her leave us we all loved her she was stuck with us. Maybe she was trying to get rid of me? haha. I am so happy for you and your new adventure, I know you will always look after all of us.
Mama Sue I will forever miss you and think about you offten, sure love you.

Monday, February 8, 2010

New year

This is our 6th Anniverary!

Hair show with KIRA

Okay so Ihave not done that well on the blog but I am going to do better Some how I am going to find out how to switch my music and my background. But here are some pictures of what has happend this year so far.