Sunday, June 20, 2010

So if you have not heard of the RAGNAR it is 188 mile that goes from Logan to Park City. You get to choose your team of 12 people and you all have 3 legs to run. You only get Friday and Saturday to finish it all so there is NO sleep involved. Well the chatfield fam got together and decide hey we have 6 girls and all of us are married so lets do it. So off we went. We had a couple of injuries so mom was going to do it with us but then she had a hurt leg. then Lacie got pregnant so... It was Lori, Lisa, Leslie, Lindsey,Libbey, Trey , James, Casey, Cody, Danny, Dave and Brezzy. We had a blast. I only have pictures of one van so you will only see half of us sorry.
James back pack sprung a leek even before we left was that A bad omin?
Decorating the penguin Van thanks Nelsens for letting us use it we will keep it clean?
LIbbey giving much needed water and food to casey as he took his first leg.
Kk showing off the penguin.
Cody just re- laking in the van at one of our stops.
we stretched a lot
LIndsey running
who told me this was going to be fun.?
Okay i am ready
OK we need to be on time to everything.
KK's night run. tuns out Utah has a little less air the Virgina.! sorry KK
this is breakfast at 6ish notice NO food! hehe
KK and COdy giving much needed support to LIBBEY
both penguin support vans together at last,.
here is the support van. WE loved to see.
Maybe don't come closes I think I am going to puke!
KK comming in off her last leg on the RAGNAR!
this is the last hand off from KK to CODY.
COdy you done? KK you DOne?
ALL Done LIbbey?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drew hunter and will came over to see the creek
Ahh man No bridge
If you look close you can see some of the bridge but
mostly it is were all the white water is.
This is my back yard (NOT) so little creek this week.
Okay water is getting a little high!
Normally I cant touch this water at all. it has 4 ft clearance.
Aline has gotten a lot of water this last week.
Shane trying to catch a skittle with his mouth
Kim Lindsey and Marcie
Shane and chad what a cute couple? hehe
Marcie and shane after the races salem tri earlier in the day

boating with friends