Saturday, May 22, 2010

We got cold in the creek so foot bath it is. T-man decided full bath for him.
the excitement of summer

She stood up look at the eye and the nose poor brin.

Now in to the river. ( look Brin is out of the way as long as she does NOT stand up.)

Look I found my perfect rock BooBoo!

Lindsey and Kim atfer 106 miles on the bike
Monica Lindsey and Kim after riding out to Anilope Island and back wow it stinks out there and the bugs are pretty BAD

Kim and Monica before the bike ride looking all cute!

This is Saige's birthday but no one would know with excitement of BRINY SKINNY!

Dang it not fliped picture I hate not fugureing things out!

thanks dawny
I lightened this picture so you could see every one but it does not save it when I copy it to blog spot oh well if any one know how let me know any way from left to right
Leslie Lindsey Lisa Lori jo, Mom We ran from the top of suncrest to Jo's house just about to the timp temple! thanks for dropping us off at 5:00 am DaD! Great job all you sisters! No lacie because she is 8 months prego! WUSSY hahah

Monday, May 10, 2010

No camera!

So I have the pictures of the Sliver but no camera! I know I am a spastic but realy my camera come on were has it gone. So for now just more word. Today was a sad day for me I got home and chad I were helping my Dad tie down the tarps on the hay. We got done and Dad says I had a bad day today we should go to dinner! I asked why the day was so bad and he told me he had to put our Dog ( sporty ) down. :( He had broken his hip and lost sight in one eye. Well he is better off now. bye bye sporty.