Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Last night I got home from work so worn out! I thought I was going to come home and watch T.V. then I remebered we don't have T.V. any more DANG IT. So I went shopping with some friends then I remebered I don't like shopping haha. So as I got home Lacie called and asked if I could come over and help get a sliver out of Saige's hand? I said yes and brought chad along for support thinking I would not really need him. So we grabed a treat and tweezers. When we got to Lacie's and looked at Saige's hand it was the length of her palm!!!! WOW it was heart renching. I made her take a picture so I will post it when I get it. So chad sanitized a razor blade and had to cut all the way down the sliver! poor little saiger. then I tryied to pull it out and it still would not come it took 3 pulles to get it out. What a tuff little girl. ( WE saved the stick.(sliver)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

mt biking

Bike jumping we tryed to get Brice to lie down and chad could jump over him but Brice was not having it!
It dropes off to a sheer clif righ ofter us.

Here is the clan - the Bushmans

Kim, Brice, Brion Bret Lindsey and Chad.


Delicate arch
Fradey cats

cartwheel on the ledge

Chad just needing a leg up thanks Bret

Over the thresh hold